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I'm not ready to book a speaker but I'd like to know more about Lori and her experience. What do I do?

Just complete the simple form to the right, ask your questions and Lori will be in touch soon!

How do I purchase Lori's book?

You can purchase Hope In The Ruin on Amazon.  Click the link below!

What are the benefits of enrolling at Lori's Coaching Corner on FB?

There are many benefits but I’d say top three are:

  1. Affordable investment resulting in quicker success.
  2. When coaching principles are applied there is steady growth towards your goals.
  3. Encouragement, support, ideas from the coach and community.
How do I know if 1:1 Coaching is right for me?

Your risk free 30-minute Consultation helps you determine if 1:1 coaching is the right fit for you. Contact me today!

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